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The process of infusing substances/fluids directly into one’s vein is known as intravenous therapy. Commonly referred as drip by doctors, substances such as volume expanders, blood-based products, blood substitutes, and medications are administrated through intravenous therapy to patients. Intravenous therapy is also known as intravenous IV therapy, and is generally used to correct electrolyte imbalance, transfuse blood, and replace fluids in the body. Intravenous therapy is an easy and effective way to help correct an imbalance in body fluids. Since the substances are directly injected into the vein, it reaches the heart instantly and immediate results can be witnessed in the patient.

The intravenous infusion set comes with a container that is filled with the fluids to be infused. The container is either a glass or plastic bottle. Plastic bag containers are also found in the market. The container is connected to a long sterile tube with a regulator to stop or control flow rate of the fluid. The access for intravenous IV therapy is achieved by injecting a small hypodermic needle into the vein. The needle may be connected directly or through a syringe to infusion set that contains the necessary fluids. An infusion pump is used to control the flow rate of fluid more precisely. In absence of infusion pump, the fluid container is placed above the patient and the fluid is allowed to flow drip by drip using the regulator control in the infusion set.

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Intravenous Therapy

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This article was published on 2011/01/29